A necessary and mandatory condition to access the Russian railway machines market is compliance with respective safety requirements, which must be certified with a certificate of conformity.
Rail technique, quality assurance systems and production systems for railway products, and services in the federal railway should be certified under Railway Certification System, which was arranged by Ministry of Communication Lines of the Russian Federation in 1996.
Certification System is based on the document “Rules of Certification System in Federal Rail Transport of Russian Federation. Basic Provisions”.

Structure of Certification System:

  • Federal Rail Transport Agency
  • Central unit of Certification System
  • State Agency “Certification Registry in Federal Rail Transport”
  • Accredited test and expert centers
  • Accredited certification and accreditation experts
  • Applicants for certification and accreditation
  • Accredited centers of expert training


“Nomenclature of Rail Transport Objects Subject to Mandatory Certification in Russian Federation”, as approved with order of the RF Ministry of Communication Lines dated June 28, 2003, includes all important components of rolling stock and railway.

Objects to be certified:

  • Rail track and rail facilities
  • Railway stations
  • Automatics, remotely controlled mechanics, communications, computer machinery and information technologies
  • Traction rolling stock and motorized rolling stock
  • Carriages and containers
  • Power supply systems of electrified railway
  • Technological processes and technical resources of railway shipping
  • Services in federal rail transport etc


Certification authorities and certification expert centers check compliance of rail transport objects vs. traffic safety rules, work safety and environmental safety rules. Test centers do certification tests of rail transport objects, so as to verify their conformity to technical and regulatory documents.
Term of certificate of conformity is individual for each case, subject to product features or special characteristics of rail transport objects. Certificate term does not apply to consignment of goods or to an individual product.
Rail transport certification system is an instrument to confirm the compliance of rail transport objects, quality assurance systems and production systems of railway technique, as well as services in railway transport, vs. requirements of the regulatory documents and state safety standards.



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